My last picture of 2012!

My last picture of 2012!


just wanted to wish you all a happy and prosperous 2013. There are many goals, hopes, and dreams I strive to accomplish this year. I’m looking forward

to sharing new journeys and new beginnings. Did I have any resolutions? No, because I’ll break them in two weeks anyways. A ratchet girl trying to

“change” her ways will be her same old jolly self by Friday night when it’s “clubbin” night. That’s just an example. I strive to improve drastically

from the year before, but it’s not an overnight process. 2010 was probably the lowest point of my life. I’m not going into drastic details here, but my

close friends know what happened. 2011 wasn’t great, but it was an improvement from 2010. 2012 still didn’t amaze me, but it was better than 2011.

Otherwise, just live what you say

you’ll do…enough of the self-righteous cliches we all suffer through for the last few days of December and first few days of January every year.

If you are serious about “resolutions”, then stay around a great support system. Whether you want to lose 50 pounds, give up soda, give up smoking, or

anything health related. Remember, you are doing it for a lifestyle change. Think about how good your body will feel when you make those changes. When I

made drastic changes to eat healthy, some of my friends joked around and said I lost my manhood, but I lost inches on my waist too.