Finally, I have returned to your normal programming. I got my

computer back yesterday. It’s clean, trojan free, and ready to roll! I hope you didn’t miss me too much. I know, your day was not complete without my

two cents. I’m sitting here, looking out the window at the snow we received yesterday. Good thing I have bread and milk already (In Charlotte, there

tends not to be too much in the way of bread and milk even with a threat of flurries, I can only imagine what it was like yesterday with actual snow). But

there’s not too much to worry about, since this snow will probably melt completely in a day or two.

My shoulder is likely about 94% now. Yes,

I’m still using the Randy Orton meter. Have you ever heard of a one legged man in an ass kicking contest? Well, I was a one armed man in chest, back,

and shoulder exercises this week. It was tough to balance myself sometimes, but what was I really going to do? Sit around and mope for those two hours?

In fact, I learned some crazy ab exercises from a few UNC football players who I met that should be drafted this

Spring into the NFL. I will have a Youtube video soon with these different exercises. There is one called an egg shell where you lay on the ground, curl

up into an egg shape, keep your elbows on your knees, then rock back and forth slowly. You need a partner to help you push your feet on this one. You try

and do two sets of ten. Then tell me this is not one of the hardest ab exercises ever. I cannot even do two sets of ten…yet. If any of you can do

even just two sets of ten of these, I will give you ownership of…yeah, right, and snowballs will be flying in hell! (With this winter, that

may be a possibility, 49 out of 50 U.S. states yesterday reported snow!). Al Roker, watch out, Matt Bible may very well get his own weather show in a few

years. Instead of waking up way too early for a weather show, I will not have even slept yet, you should note that working in the music industry and

having fun on the road comes with a late night schedule. Being a meteorologist, I can actually be wrong for a change. That sounds like fun! Well, the

FCC will probably shatter my dreams ruining people’s days and giving them the bad news that they’ll be getting another two feet of snow. As long as I

don’t use any of the seven forbidden words, I should be cool, I guess.

Well, I’m back, and 40 year old virgins, you need more than penetrating

my computer with a trojan to stop me! Have a good Saturday morning, and I hope you Friday night party animals aren’t too hungover right now.

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