Wow…was I really 10 years old when Dookie

came out? Little did I know “Longview” would become one of my favorite break up songs! The end result of breaking up for most dudes…I guess. Was I really

three years old when Green Day started out? Anyways, it’s amazing how these guys have stayed on top of the rock world for so long, and still aren’t

taking nostalgic reunion tours. Have you heard some of the new tracks off of the upcoming Uno

album? So far, to me it sounds like an updated version of the time period sometime between Nimrod and Warning. There is a mix of punk (like in “Let

Yourself Go”), power pop, like the big single, “Oh Love”, and then there are new directions too, like in the disco-rock track “Kill the DJ”. Anyways, enjoy

this live version of “Oh Love” on Good Morning America, then read my advice, take it or discard it…your choice!

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A bit of advice for the dudes out there. I’m not really qualified to give out love advice, but if you want a memorable first

date…take her to a Green Day concert. It worked once for me!  Well, she was an actual Green Day fan, so that helped…someone who knew songs from

Insomniac.  Not sure if it would be as effective for girls like some other girl a few years back I dated who asked if Green Day was the new group

that did that “September” song.  As for September girl (that’s about how long that one lasted), I wonder how Whatsername” has been…perhaps for some more comedic relief.