Not having my computer really sucks. I mean really sucks. I should

have it back early next week. Here’s how some of the week went without me posting new writings. Well we kicked off the week with the Pro Bowl, and

having absolutely no idea why they had it the week before the Super Bowl. The Royal Rumble was entertaining from what I heard. I unfortunately didn’t

get to see it. The Grammys spawned off some awesome performances, especially a musical version of Green Day’s ’21

Guns’ and a medley of “Drop The World” with Lil Wayne, Eminem, and Travis Barker, then Drake joining them to perform

“Forever”. Unfortunately CBS decided to blank out half of the song, even parts without cussing.

Maybe you will be in the Grammys someday!

Speaking of Lil

Wayne, the long-delayed rock album Rebirth was released on Tuesday. How

will it do? Regardless of how people may feel about the album, I think it’ll still do reasonably well.

Otherwise, we got news of the

unemployment rate lowering to 9.7% in January. I guess Wal-Mart and McDonald’s stepped up on hiring, because I don’t know anyone that actually got a

good job in January.

The media still picked on Tiger Woods as he may be leaving sex rehab. My favorite flavors of Gatorade are no longer

available in stores by the way!

The Super Bowl is around the corner tomorrow. I think the Saints are going to pull the upset. I can see a lot of

points being thrown up on the board with these two high-powered offenses.

My plans if Pittsburgh would’ve made the Super Bowl was to go to South

Side in Pittsburgh. Well, if I would have done that, looks like I’d be stranded in South Side for a few days with the two feet of snow Pittsburgh is

getting right now!

As for myself, I am recovering from a slight shoulder injury. Nothing serious, as I have been working out regardless, just

staying off my left shoulder. If you were to put it in football terms, I’d be in the probable condition to play tomorrow.

Something that is not

probable, but definite is we are getting the Kings of Dreamland T-Shirts! We have the shirts for $15. You can pick one up in Charlotte, State College, or

Philly, or we can mail it to you as well. Also, we are having people bid on them on ebay as we speak.