grammy awards

One week after the Super Bowl, watching my team’s rival (and my brother’s favorite team) the

Ravens win it all, it’s time to focus on the Grammy’s. Being in the music industry, I enjoy watching the award show, regardless if I agree on the

nominations or winners. I’m excited to see who will win the top rap album. There is some stiff competition, along with three albums I really enjoyed,

being albums from Nas, Lupe Fiasco, and The Roots. I also hope Muse’s “Madness” wins an award…I jumped on the Muse train kind of late, once

“Undisclosed Desires” came out. Who knows what to except. I think Fun. and Frank Ocean will win a bunch of awards. Which artists are you excited for

this year? I know one of boys was so excited when the Foo Fighters won last year. He has an FF tattoo on his ass. Just kidding, it is on his neck.

Anyways, sit back, and let’s enjoy the dance. Enjoy it on here…Bible style.