Here is a guest post by Kaleigh Rectenwald about Pittsburgh area

metal band, Without Fail.

I met most of the members of Without Fail shortly before they took the stage at The Fallout Shelter this past

weekend. Guitarist Derek Sicuranza tried to describe the sound of the band to me since I had never seen them before. He described their sound as the

product of “butt sex between Parkway Drive and Lamb of God” and then asked me to listen to their set and tell me who they sound like. Without Fail definitely has their own unique brand of face-melting metal.

Their fast-paced instrumental stylings coupled with the growling vocals of singer Donnie Propst can be best described broadly as a hybrid or new metal and

old school thrash.

Honestly, I was expecting their set to be another run-of-the-mill metal performance but I was pleasantly surprised. Sicuranza

plays with a wireless guitar set up and likes to be in the crowd and in your whenever possible. Probst is not only an amazing growler but posses the

talent to get the crowd riled up and almost seems to provoke them in attempts to amp up crowd participation. Even his corded microphone did not stop him

from mingling with audience during their set. One of the things I loved the most about Without Fail’s performance was the bands attitude. Even though the

crowd was rather small by the time they took the stage, you could tell that they loved performing. It was clear that they were having a good time doing

what they loved.

I also have to give mad props to bassist Herm Staving. I

haven’t seen anyone shred a bass like that in a long time. His riffs were intricate and creative without being overbearing and fit perfectly with the

thrashing double bassed drum beats of Christian Lematte and rhythmic strumming of second guitarist Matt McCormick.

If you’re in the mood some top

notch metal, I highly suggest checking out Without Fail. Currently, they do not have any sample songs up on their Facebook but hopefully we’ll be seeing some soon. They have no upcoming shows scheduled at the

moment, but intend to be back at The Fallout Shelter in January.

Me and the guys from Without Fail after their set.

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