Let me introduce you to some underground hip-hop talent from Charlotte, NC. His name is Ghani

Gautama. I actually met him randomly on Reverbnation about a year and a half ago. He moved to Charlotte around the time I left the city. Recently, I

reconnected with him thanks to the Facebook news feed and a girl I went to high school with “liked” his page. Turns out they are cousins! How random was

that? Anyways, here is a breakdown of Ghani’s latest EP called Strong Medicine.

I spoke with Ghani Monday night and he opened up about his inspiration for Strong Medicine..

He was watching a TBS

documentary on Hulu about an American experience, something a little off the beaten path for a hip-hop album. These were stories about historical

documents. A documentary about Tecumseh, a Native American who aided the


The documetary explained how someone had “Strong Medicine”, which was an Algonquin

term for charisma. Ghani wrote down the term “strong medicine”. It remained stuck in his head. Known for album titles with multiple meanings, Ghani applied

it to hip-hop, as it is a genre of charisma. He also thought about medicine balls, exercise, and getting a taste of your own medicine. He said every song

on the EP has a dose of “strong medicine”. He also related “strong medicine” to a love for whiskey and applied the term to the current health care debate

in the United States as well.

Ghani said this album was a lot of fun to record. His last couple albums had a very serious tone to them. While Strong Medicine. still has serious and introspective

themes to it, he almost makes a dance track with the song “Dance Cowboy”. The song “Stonehenge” has a dirty south beat to it, derived from his 10 years of

living in Atlanta.

Then, we talked about the state of hip-hop, good and bad for awhile, Myspace memories, Steeler football, and more importantly how

the Charlotte, NC scene

is coming alive. It’s a small, tight-knit hip-hop scene growing its own identity, helping each other out rather than be every man for himself like it is

in Atlanta. Ghani also mentioned he enjoys success in Charlestown, WV, where fans are grateful for live music since most big acts bypass the city.

Want to hear more Ghani Gautama?  Then, connect with him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghanigautama

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