Not to over quote Charlie Sheen, but how do you like Winning?

That’s what you’ll do with an article on my site! You will split any ad revenue your article generates with me, 50/50. Email me more, about payment structure, when you would get paid, different ads to choose from, and a little revenue generating advice. Facebook

is great to promote the article, but they aren’t splitting revenue with us…although it would be nice! So, musicians, small businesses, entertainers,

contact me and let’s get to work! Let’s win together!


I do have a few exceptions. I will not put shitty music on my

page. If it is not my style, but still well put together, I will post it. Make sure you have some kind of effort, because I work in the music business,

and I’m not going to put out something I do not believe in. Also, nothing of a racist or terroristic note either.

So, you need gas money to your

next show, since it does cost you an arm and both legs? Do you want your message to be seen in big cities such as New York and San Antonio? Do you want

to be seen by Taylor Gang associates? (My company hosts an official Taylor Gang site,, and I am on their blogroll too.)