I know it’s a little late with this song, considering the album,

Not Your Kind of People has been out for two months already. However, the new track “Blood For Poppies”

by Garbage has been stuck in my head for the past couple weeks. At first, I’m flipping through to DC101, and I hear this song, not knowing it was Garbage

(the band…not the song). Then, finally after hearing it four times, I found out it was them. The song grew on me and is my favorite song from them since

“I Think I’m Paranoid”. Granted, there are huge gaps in between their releases, but the definitely have not lost their touch. I think I am speaking for

almost the entire male population on this part. I had a little celebrity crush on Shirley Manson (the lead singer) when I was 12. If you didn’t, you were

probably blind or didn’t like women (no offense if you fall under either of those two categories). This song has their infectious brand mix of rock,

alternative, electronic, and pop they are known for. Plus having a drummer on your side (Butch Vig) who produced a little album you may have heard before

called Nevermind by one of my

all time favorite groups, helps craft the unique sound as well!