Here’s a great article from SNSNIGHTLIFEMAGAZINE.COM providing useful advice about artists breaking into the music industry from somebody who has been in the thick of things. With the wealth of knowledge out there now, there is no reason an artist should get screwed out there, even though the industry is full of sharks ready to suck the life out of those who aren’t prepared.

SNS was out a lot in July 2013 getting the word out about the blog and we wandered into the Konsider Dis studio at 1650 a.m. in Temple Hills, MD to get a feel for the show.  Had NO Idea we would walk away with a straight gem of information from the station owner and former A&R for Warner Defiant Records, Cash Money. 

Talking points include the rise of Wale, what label contracts give and take, distribution deals, the importance of originality, brand protection, BMI licensing and the best way to get on in your own city!  Ever heard of a dub plate?  Press play!!!!  You will REPLAY, I promise.  -SNS

Konsider Dis

Mon, Wed, Fri 1pm-4pm starting July1, 2013

Contact: Nakkia McRae

Web: konsiderdis.org

Email: konsiderdis@gmail.com

(JUNE 2013) – Da Beat 1650am® proudly announces Konsider Dis Radio, as the latest colleague to expand our brand. Konsider Dis is hosted by veteran radio personality Mz. UndaStood and will air every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1pm to 4pm beginning July 1st. Konsider Dis Radio is an EXPERIENCE from breaking new records, interviewing artist, live broadcast, health tips, financial experts, and community events. It just couldn’t get any better!

Mz. UndaStood has hosted radio shows since 2006, broadcast on stations throughout the D.M.V. such as Power104.7, Iam4Radio and Tightnet Radio. She is a skilled practitioner of business networking and enjoys teaching others how to maximize the impact of radio advertising — turning it into promotional opportunities, speaking engagements, barter exchange, quality lead generation, and sales.

For interviews, advertisements, sponsorship, live broadcast, and bartering contact 202.630.6836 for further information. Until then download the SHOUTCAST app now and search “DABEAT”. Its also accessible via internet at www.shoutcast.com searching the same title “DABEAT”.