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procamation DMV

Whether you’re looking for a different kind of sound from the DC area or you’re wondering who else we got besides Wale, DUC’s (Dat Urban Connect) The Proclamation mix tape is like a one stop shop for some of our area’s real street soldiers.

These names belong to the faces at the open mics and showcases around the city. The Proclamation is mixed by DJ Wild Child and features signed artists like Los and Lola Monroe on the Bad Boy and Taylor Gang teams alongside unsigned artists including Machez Spyro, Caddy da Don, Young I, PG Mannie, D.C. Flyz, 808 Stacks, Teem Coolin, Tricky Dice, Grynd, Born Divine, Interstate Kingz, Lady Explicit, Sherlock, A Da$h and many more.

Download the mixtape HERE!