How many of you have been caught spouting off the most infamous New Year’s resolution of them all? You know, that resolution

that you are going to lose weight this year. New Year’s Resolutions are absurd in general, but that’s another topic for another post, whenever I feel like

actually writing about that. As absurd as this resolution is, I’ve made it too in the past. In fact, I succeeded and I lost too much weight.  For 2010…I

want to gain weight!

I have been working on this goal for the past couple months.  I weighed 144 pounds on October 25th. Yes, I was ripped, but I

maybe ate 1600 calories a day, when I was burning at least 2000 calories per day. I looked halfway malnourished. After looking through a bunch of pictures,

I was disappointed with myself. I spoke to bodybuilders, athletes, and people I feel I could learn from. Everybody said eat a lot more food. Most people

said to change my lifting and cardio routine.

Within the past two months, I ate over 3,000 calories a day. I lifted six days a week, lifting

everything twice a week. I went with heavy, low reps on chest and back. I went with medium weight, medium amount of reps on shoulders, biceps, triceps, and

legs (except for leg press…I know I’ll catch flack for not doing heavy weight on squats, but I value my knees). I do different ab workouts every day. I

superset, twist, bend in every direction possible, and I frequently integrate weights into my ab workouts. I run 2 to 3 times a week at a medium paced 1 to

2 miles. I also bike for 15 minutes, burnout on weights (after my regular workout), and I have worked on some very creative workouts when it comes to

cardio. Now, I have more endurance, and I am actually more ripped than ever. Not to brag or anything. Another thing, I never thought I’d like dead lifts. I

love dead lifts and watching the veins in my neck, then looking away quickly, because if I stare at the veins in my neck, I’ll laugh too much.


with eating more, that does not mean sitting on the couch, eating a box of ho-ho’s. It does not justify buying a large value meal at McDonald’s, or most

food at McDonald’s in general outside of salads (without the fattening dressing and trans-fat laden croutons), chicken wraps, and hamburgers (without

certain fattening condiments). I eat a lot of lean meats, whole wheat, fruits, vegetables, and I take Whey Protein. I do not limit myself to just those

foods, but I still avoid anything with trans fats, excessive saturated fats, pure sugar, empty carbs, and more. I do not watch my calories anymore, but I

have to workout very intensly in the gym. If I decided not to go the gym for whatever reason, I would reduce my calorie intake to 2000, so I don’t get


One principal I used when I was on a low calorie diet still applies to my new diet. You should eat every 2-3 hours, just increase your portions

now. You do not want to wait 6 or 7 hours in between meals as you will be more likely to pig out and not feel like exercising or being productive at all.

So this for 2010, I’m trying to get to 180 pounds of solid muscle. Eventually, I want to get a build similar to John Cena. There is someone who

trained incredibly hard in the gym, and it paid off. He is not some roided out freak whose body would be impossible to obtain without illegal substances.

Instead of impressing the ladies, I think it would scare the crap out of them to look that roided out. Then maybe if it is their cup of tea, they can be a

victim of roid rage, record a whole album of male-bashing songs, beg me to manage them and guide them to platinum status independently. For those of you

who have not seen me in awhile, I will post updated pictures.

Physical Addictions, Inc.