Music and fitness go hand and hand. Your favorite music may help you get that extra rep on the bench, kick in that last 200 meters in your run, or get that extra pull up in your set. Your favorite music is probably better than most of the crap that gyms play. Independent artists, send me your favorite motivational tracks or heavy hitting tracks that can get a workout going! Send the links or mp3s over to It can be included on a future Fitness Playlist and be promoted as a recommended track to workout to.
Here’s my list for today!

1.) Avenged Sevenfold – Welcome To The Family
2.) Drake – “Forever”
3.) Eminem – “Lose Yourself”
4.) Lupe Fiasco – “Go Go Gadget Flow”
5.) Linkin Park X Steve Aoki – “A Light That Never Comes”
6.) Green Day – “Brain Stew”
7.) Yun6 Canon ft. Mr Man (Formally of Philly’s Most Wanted) – “All Black”
8.) Holliwood, Pennsylvania – “Duece and Roll” 
9.) Staind – “Can’t Believe “
10.) System of a Down – “Prison Song”