I got the latest and the greatest news for you…well maybe not the

greatest, depending on who you are, but anyways, here it is! I’ve continued writing for several different sites, really taking my freelance skills to the

next level. My favorite site right now is called Factoidz, where I just got $68.00 last month for a handful of articles. This month, I’m on pace to double that

amount. Through SEO, and promotion, articles such as my Nexersys article, which is

about an innovative piece of workout equipment, suited for seasoned UFC vets or for someone who’s never thrown a punch in their lives. Articles such as

that have ranked high in the Google search and have already helped me get over 3,000 views in a month. Plus, I earn residual income on the articles in

addition to the bonus I receive for each one I write.

My back is healing up finally, so I’m getting back on track in weight lifting and doing the

things I love.

Otherwise, we have several web projects in the works right now. A car service, a jewelry store, which features somebody famous I

can’t say right now, but he did get signed not too long ago. This artist will be featured with some of the jewelry.

Marketing-wise, I’m really

going to push www.blogordiepgh.com/ for all you Taylors out there! That’s Wiz Khalifa‘s crew for those who don’t

know. I’m going to be pushing a poet who has performed at Def Jam showcases, performed at SXSW, and opened up for artists such as Talib Kweli.

Finally, I predict this is the year of Yun6 Canon. His new mixtape,

Finally Made It Vol. 2 will be out soon, and is more feature heavy this time. It will feature lots of Philly artists and some San Antonio artists as well.

We’re going to work with Yung Ryan, who is a protege of Romey Rome Beatz (You know we got your legacy running in full force, bro…we miss you!) Also,

there is one famous instrumental I can’t wait for Canon to rip into. Do any of you remember Bodycount? That’s the kind of vibe we’re pulling off with

that song I just mentioned.

Finally, I have put to rest the name Demetrias Park, which I used for poetry. Instead, I am using my own name

from now on. I realized something, you know, everybody has had their issues in the past. Only some people are able to put them into beautiful words. If

it makes me “un-businesslike”, or a little off my rocker, well, I’m cool with that. Oh, I forgot the people who probably never had issues like that could

buy their way to happiness. They must be in the 1%. My boy Aaron Bear Mayfield and thousands of others are occupying cities across the nation because of

people like you.