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We are told to believe that this God is a supernatural being: one of a group of supernatural male beings in some religions, each of which is worshiped as the personification or controller of some aspect of the universe This argument states that it is more rational to believe in God as you will be rewarded. know enough about the matter to understand “what it is all about.” An altogether incomprehensible communication is no communication at all. God has given Christians the mission of leading people to faith and, in. Why I Believe in God - A Believer’s Answer to an Atheist What is it with the atheists these days? The reason is because once you understand who Jesus is, you’ll never doubt God’s existence again. He loves you, just as if you were his own child, which is why you must never question your faith or you will burn for all eternity I believe in God because he has left his fingerprints everywhere. Nietzsche 1. Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) offers a pragmatic reason for believing in God: even under the assumption that God’s existence is unlikely, the potential benefits of believing are so vast as to make betting on theism rational. If that were true, those who follow God should be the most enviable people on Earth. The super-dominance form of the argument conveys the basic Pascalian idea, the expectations argument refines it, and the dominating expectations. Yes, Believing in yourself is different from overconfidence. It is how we are taught to think. The reason is because once you understand who Jesus is, you’ll never doubt God’s existence again. 19. Third, if you disobey God, you will be punished God is all-powerful, all knowing, and all loving. Protip: if you want people to worship your God, try not to make him sound like a sadistic narcissist asshole. That is, they can help you to tell others why you believe the Bible while also reminding you (amid seasons of doubt) why you believe it. And, no one can tell me that humans are not spiritual beings. And I believe in God because he revealed himself to me, gave me eyes to see and faith to believe, and drew me by his Spirit to embrace his Son as my Savior Today, why people don’t believe in God is extremely important to me. At one point you said that if I didn't sing in church choir, I couldn't take voice lessons..From the beginning, Pi is faced with a very heavy challenge: telling a story that will make a person believe in God It is only through Christ that my worries are made light. Instead, the Christian argument is that in order to ground an objective moral law, you need to have a transcendent source of those values That is why Richard Dawkins’ book The essay about why you believe in god God Delusion is not just a one-page tract stating that he doesn’t believe in God.

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This piece, however, is not about a wide ranging, philosophical or political or even cultural discourse about the idea of God and its implications. –––, 2015, God’s Command, New York: Oxford University Press. If the person did not believe, he would be punished.If God did not exist it would make no difference. Just believe You can and you will and the things will come in your favor. Human beings do not need to believe in God to discern moral duties or understand that objective moral essay about why you believe in god values exist. “Let me ask you this question then: If God doesn’t exist, why do so many people who suffer feel closer to him in their suffering?” “That’s just their way of coping with their suffering. For this reason it would be more rational to believe in God rather than to not Can you give me any proof that God exists? ∙When the bible addresses a believer and explains why they believe, scripture always teaches the decisive factor is God alone. Even if your friends believe that murder is acceptable (for instance, capital punishment), they are still wrong because their beliefs oppose God’s will. I've only been singing at church so that I wouldn't get punished. And yet, as Josef Pieper explained in his essay, “On Faith,” the believer must. Faith in God may be fine for sentimentalists, dreamers, and romantics who see the world through emotionally tinted glasses. You haven’t seen heaven or hell. He not only claimed to be God, He backed up His claims through His life, death, and resurrection Pascal’s Wager about God. Without believing in God, it is impossible to please Him or even come to Him (Hebrews 11:6) Why believe in God? If God existed, and the person believed in God, he would be rewarded. What is Nietzsche’s justification for claiming that God is a fiction? Thank Him for giving His life for you—and respond by giving your life to Him. The Existence Of God Essay 1307 Words | 6 Pages. I believe that everyone should believe in God, because he will always be there for. I can’t wrap my mind around a god existing Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, but not to harm you. The logic goes something like this: if I believe in God and am wrong, then nothing bad will happen Who Is God To Me Term paper. I want there to be an afterlife. I have felt his love and I know that it is real. Instead, the Christian argument is that in order to ground an objective moral law, you need to have a transcendent source of those values What should you do in response? Suggested Anwer: These chapters deal explicitly with the promise of Pi’s story’s power given by Mr. God commands these things in order to do what is good for us as humans, and his commands are automatically morally right. Why would this be so? This is also the reason why I don't like to sing in church—because I don't believe in the words. You just affirmed what I suspected: religion is just a way for the weak to cope with the hardships of life.” “You’re right If you always talk about the reasons why you believe in God, saying that you believe in God in order to gain eternal life, or in order to be saved, then your belief in God is like some kind of peripheral matter, believing merely in order to gain something—this is not the view you should have of your belief in God” (“Only the Pursuit of. Instead, it acts as a way to coerce belief out of unwilling participants. Likewise, God "did not leave Himself without witness" (Acts 14:17). This essay will help us understand this claim, his arguments for it, and its potential implications for contemporary religious and ethical thought. You only have the bible to read to guide you.