The middle east as you know, has been experiencing rapid development.

Just take a look at Dubai. There is an emerging desire for social media and technology. It is experiencing growth like the United States did in the

1990’s. According to, There were an estimated 2,095,006,005 internet users worldwide in the first quarter of 2011

(representing about 30.2% of the population worldwide), according to Internet World Stats data updated in March 2011. This was up by 480.4% compared to

2000. Within that population, the Middle East had 68,553,666 users out of the 2,095,006,005(31.7% of the population in the region and 3.3% of the total

online population); up by 1,987% compared to 2000. The middle east had the second largest jump of Internet users out of any region in the world. With more

acceptance from most countries for the emerging technologies, those numbers will continue to climb in huge amounts over the next ten years.


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the emerging pack. The market is not quite as saturated yet, as it is in the United States, therefore it is easier to get an edge over the competition.

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