For everyone pre-gaming right now…turn this mix up and have a blast. I just

reconnected with with one of my cross country teammates from high school. I just found out he lives in DC now from a random invite to the Tattoo Bar, which

I’ve heard a lot about, but I have never been to. DJ &rew Swope is a DJ at Tattoo Bar in Washington DC every third Saturday of the month. In fact, he will be there

tomorrow night for a Fog and Lights party. I’ll be there for a while myself. This mix called “Cup o Joe” is a hip-hop mix (Mainly with trap artists, but

you’ll hear some Kendrick Lamar as well) over electronic instrumentals. It will get you in the party mood…along with a few drinks before you actually go out. Or, you can

take a long run with this pumping in your ears. It’ll make you almost forget about the hills Swope and I used to run on a daily basis.

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