This is actually my first poem I wrote back in 2007. I’ll never

forget, I had a professor, Professor Assfeld, I meant Brassfeld who decided to fail me on it, although everyone in my class, except for the one

Shakesperian snob who is probably still a virgin today, loved it! It’s short, simple, and you can tell I use more complex word structuring on my newer

material. Still, enjoy as always, and show some love!

Left everything I had
Just to be with you once again
In your prison of

I Found love through the wire
You gave birth to my closest friends
But you created my worst enemy
Spent many days impacting lives

Spent even more destroying my own
Ran laps of frustration
Even in the arms of love
Inebriated into a quick fix
Turned up the volume from a

You exposed the bones on my body
While expanding my mind and my heart
It tested my deepest nerves
But it molded me into a leader

at bay
Was a hefty price to pay
Summer at bay
Made me who I am today