I was on my journey to the 5-6

Should’ve only been 8 hours
Instead it took 3 days, because she wanted her live fix
I found a Maryland entertainer for hire
She was California

First month I was her favorite obsession, then later told her friends I was a Carolina Liar
She did not love me
She loved money and to be

pumped full of semen
I was her only desire…
In the neighborhood at least
Even as she made a mockery of my every hurtful demon
She still wanted

her stepping stone to the Big Apple
When I left her stranded in Maryland
She called me a big ASSHOLE
Her only option to entertain was to ride the

After I’m back from crossing borders
I’d even give her a helping hand
I’ll wave, say hi, blow her a kiss, and start tossing quarters!

is just myself being nice
A gift to give after her gift of laughter at my every sacrifice
When all I had to eat was a sack of rice
to flavor with

the same pack of spice
I drank water, water, and more water,
kept it cold like me with a rack of ice

I fought the power of

Turned around my negative remainder
While the fools of Maryland entertained her
One of them was me, I fell back into my same

With her be prepared to say Goodbye to your dreams, your every last vision
I’ve become Stone Cold in my ways
I don’t trust anyone

may never fall in love again, I don’t think this is a phase
Maryland Entertainer put me in her plays
My achievements will put her in her place

When I look out in the crowd I cannot wait to see her face
I’m sure all I’ll hear is praise
She wants that raise,
that fame,
and she will

still be stuck on her same old ways
But if things would ever again become rough
Same old situation, within a day, she’ll tell you she’s had enough

In time ruining 15 months in business for 15 minutes of pleasure
You’ll be pissing up a rope trying to reclaim your treasure
You wasted on this

Maryland Entertainer
She’ll leave you stranded and empty handed
drowning slowly in a place 25 miles south of Pennsylvania