Learning to Believe Again

I was beyond Godless
I only

praised myself
I had no room for a higher power
Then I became thoughtless
Crippled my inner wealth
and I let my desire sour
Should be

dishonorable mention
But if I look to the sky
I get the same undivided attention
A million sins later, I have no idea why
He made the ultimate

I turn my back for vice
I crack the ice
Where I should not skate
Self inflict an oblivion of hate
No longer did I want to wait

For the natural progression of fate
I had to become good before I became great
I learned how to be blessed
How can I deal with these

monumental tasks
If I blindly entered every situation stressed?
He saw through my different masks
And saw what was in my heart
He blessed me

with every situation
And gave me a brand new start
Though I slip with every temptation I’m facing
I’m still forgiven
After spending the past

six years drifting further and further apart

Copyright 2011 Demetrias Park