I will be having a contest announcement very soon!

Well, you

will be able to win, and this will help my prolifically electrifying voice penetrate the mass media…hopefully! This will help any artist who has ever

been on my site! We’re going to come together and make history. I will overtake Google as the number one website in the world. Okay, I’m kidding since

there would be a better chance of convincing Axl Rose to join the original Guns N’ Roses

lineup and perform live at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, winning the Mega Millions jackpot (I won Mega Millions by the way…cashed in my whole $7.00),

AND Newt Gingrich becoming president all at the same time than me overtaking Google. But, in reality, we’re going to be heard! We are going to be loud!

We are going to be absurd! Wanted to show off my non-angle shot from my hotel room in Harrisburg tonight as well.

At my hotel tonight. Getting my size back after my injury!