I’ll be traveling next few days and I’ll be really busy with Kings

of Dreamland endeavors and putting the finishing touches on more website projects, so I won’t be speaking too much on here this weekend…I know I can

sense the heartbreak and profanity-laced emails. My contest has been extended until I get back to Charlotte, which is sometime on Monday. I know there

is some competition amongst our various street teams.

In quick news, it is freezing out here in Pittsburgh. I’m have not taken my winter coat off yet, and I’m indoors. Well, I

can say during my little journey up to Pittsburgh, I probably memorized “Party in the USA”. Having an eight year old cousin who has a crush on Miley Cyrus

will do that. I told him, once your cousin’s group gets famous, then maybe he can put in a good word! Soon, he’ll be memorizing “So

Find I” while he is the youngest kid in the new Kings of Dreamland T-Shirt. Well, it’s time to put on

the parka, gloves, hat, let only my eyes show and step out into the cold again. Well, that’s what happens when it’s 60 degrees the day before in