Let me introduce you guys to a singer from north of the border! His

name is Sean Reyes. He is a singer songwriter influened by a wide range of artists including Bon Jovi, Dashboard Confessional, and Daughtry. You can hear

the Dashboard Confessional influence in Sean’s voice. A recent winner of the Indie Music Channel Awards in the Best Male Pop Artist category, Sean Reyes

has overcome adversity and odds that were stacked against him stemming from a traumatic injury in 2009. During the process, he focused on writing new

music, and becoming his own boss as far as taking care of music business. He has applied the DIY principles toward his music, and he has seen success.

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Sean Reyes is currently working on his debut full length album called Know Thyself, which is going to be released later this

year. It features his biggest song to date called “All I Ever Need”, which you can buy

on AMAZON. You can watch the official

video for the song below!

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As I have been confused for the photographer,

Matthew Bible, Sean Reyes may be confused with Sean Reyes from Utah, who is running for Utah’s Attorney General position. They are not the same person,

and surely do not look alike. I don’t look anything like the other Matt Bible either. Anyways, I hope you enjoy Sean’s music, and be sure to check him

out on the sites below! Connect with him online and follow his rising career!

Official Website: seanreyesmusic.com

Facebook: facebook.com/MusicSeanReyes
Twitter: twitter.com/musicseanreyes
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