This is the biography I just wrote for Bobby Rome as he prepares for the March 10th NFL Combine

in Atlanta, GA.

Bobby Rome, currently a fullback on the Las Vegas Locomotives, is an extremely versatile offensive football player. He is unusually

fast for his size standing at 5’11 and weighing 243 lbs., as he recently ran a 40 yard dash in 4.6 seconds. In addition, Bobby is an excellent blocker,

receiver, and quarterback. In fact, Bobby is no stranger to the quarterback position. He started all four years as a quarterback at Granby High School in

Norfolk, VA, where he passed for 1,726 yards and 16 touchdowns as a senior. He decided to play at UNC over several major colleges who were interested in

him, where he started out as a quarterback, but was switched to fullback. He had the opportunity to throw an option quarterback pass in 2007 with UNC,

where he ended up scoring a touchdown. He completed three out of four of his passing attempts at UNC.

At UNC, Bobby was known for his blocking

skills. He caught quite a few passes as well, averaging over 10 yards per reception throughout his four seasons. When he ran the ball, he was able to

excel in situations where the team needed a couple tough yards a regular running back may have struggled to get. The combination of his speed, size, and

agility were an issue for the opposing team. He was a captain on the UNC Tar Heels all four years.

Bobby graduated from UNC in the fall of 2009.

He then began intense training in Charlotte, NC. In addition to his skill training on the field, Bobby concentrated on

resistance band workouts similar to the way Terrell Owens trains and maintaining a proper high protein diet. Bobby’s hard work paid off as he was signed

as a free agent by the Green Bay Packers after the 2010 NFL

draft. Bobby played through mini-camp, but he was released. The hard work did not go in vein, as the running back coaches were impressed with Bobby.

They placed a call to the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives, giving Bobby a high recommendation.

The next chapter in Bobby’s professional football

career began in the fall of 2010; where he was signed to the Las Vegas Locomotives, and helped lead the team to the UFL Championship. He also made it to

the All-Pro Team as well. After his first season, he was invited to workout with the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers were interested in adding him to

their 2011 offseason roster. However, the 2011 NFL lockout weighed in on Bobby’s decision to pursue a second season with the Las Vegas Locomotives,

especially with his second daughter on the way. Unfortunately, the UFL season was cut short, but Bobby found himself back into the championship game once


During the offseason, Bobby moved to Charlotte, NC to train for the upcoming NFL season. He spent a lot of time in the UFL under the guidance of former

NFL players. He is more prepared for the speed and intensity of professional football games than he was two years when he adjusting to the huge difference

of intensity from college games. He has trimmed down from 250 lbs. to 243 lbs. during the offseason. With the various offensive skills he possesses, and

his size, he has similar attributes to a player like Jerome Bettis. He displays a mature attitude beyond his 25 years. He is humble on and off of the

field. He channels intensity into his performance, and has always kept a positive mindset even through the roughest bumps along his path to the NFL. With

all of his dedication to once again wearing an NFL uniform and making a name for himself in the league, all of his focus right now is training to perform

at his very best on March 10th at the Atlanta NFL Combine. Regardless of the outcome, Bobby Rome has never given up, and that attitude will guide him very

far in his professional football career.

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