Variety is the spice of life when it comes to streams of income. I do recommend checking into a few different PTC (Paid to Click) websites. There are tons of them out there. Unfortunately, 98% are copy cats of the ones who actually do pay. Paid to Click sites pay you in different ways depending on the program. You can make a little bit of money by clicking on ads and completing tasks.  However, the real money made is through referrals. Then, you can have a nice part time income, driving in several hundreds of dollars a month or more.  You are not going to get rich off of just doing PTC sites, but it is such easy money, you would be crazy if you did not participate in these programs and start earning money right now!   I have payment proofs for several of these PTC sites, many of which have been around for several years and always pay.  In addition to joining the following below with me and earning together, you can click on my payment proof pictures below as well!

WORDLINX – One of the most underrated PTC sites out there.  It has been around since 2003!  You can earn from referrals up to 10 levels down.

WordLinx - Get Paid To Click


CashnHits – Another strong PTC site that you can do many things with include get paid to click on ads, get paid to watch videos, get paid to Like pages on Facebook, and more. This site has been paying since 2009 and you can have unlimited referrals.


BUXP – You can perform many different tasks and have unlimited referrals.  This is a very strong site if you have a product to advertise or a music video to promote.



SLICE THE PIE  – While this is not your typical PTC site, instead you get paid to listen and review songs.  Many songs are future radio hits and some are underground music paying to get reviewed.  You earn at least $.03 to $.12 per review on average.  You earn 10% of what your referrals earn, and you can have unlimited referrals.  I have been paid by this site, and it is a very unique one for music fans.  In addition, it is not too saturated, and a lot of people do not know about SLICE THE PIE.


CASHCRATE –  This is not really a PTC site, but you can make $.03 a day clicking on an ad, so there are PTC elements to it.  However, you can get paid to complete tasks, take surveys, watch videos, and more.  The referral system is great.  It pays you two tiers for unlimited referrals, and you get cash bonuses when your referrals reach $10.00.  It has been around for several years and has always paid on time.


Clixsense Since 2007, Clixsense has been one of the most trusted PTC sites in the industry and one of the most popular.  There are lots of ways to earn on here.  Plus, you have an 8 tier payment system too.  People 8 levels down from you will still help you earn money!


HITS4PAY This PTC has been around since 2001.  It has a higher per click payment than most PTC’s do, however the payment threshold is $30.00.  If you have good referrals (which are unlimited), you can earn that quickly.  It is not a very saturated site, so there is a lot of potential for you to take a huge market!



DEALSNCASH – This is from the same parent company as HITS4PAY. It has been around for a long time as well, and there
are usually a lot of ads to click on with DealsnCash.  You can have unlimited referrals as well.