The video

shoot for Yun6 Canon’s “Just 4 Yu” video went incredibly well. Thursday was such a long day. We woke up at 4:30 AM. Well, I woke up at 4:30 AM. Canon

decided to stay up all damn night. Of course if this was your video, wouldn’t you be that excited too? Anyway, we hiked around Brooklyn for awhile until

we found a bus stop. We took it to downtown Brooklyn, then went on the subway to Times Square. As soon as I was getting on, I thought the subway doors

were going to close on me. I’ve had nightmares about that shit in the past, so I sprinted with a rollaway bag. Unfortunately, I almost tackled a girl

standing there with the handle of the bag. I almost delivered a James Harrison type of hit. It was too funny. Nobody was harmed in that interaction. We

got off that train and went on one across the tracks. At least I saved myself some embarrassment. I did ask for her number after I ran into her. Okay,

no I didn’t. I’m just kidding! Special thanks to Vivian Cordova, who played the role of the winery waitress in the video. She guided us through NYC.

We would’ve probably been lost in Brooklyn for three more hours if it weren’t for her.

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Okay, we arrive and I walked right past our director, James Kwadjo Osei. Holy shit, he used to have long dreads! They were all gone. We go way back to

Penn State Beaver with this dude! Hell of a person! This man was going to make magic happen with the video. He promised an MTV quality video (and from

what I’ve seen so far, it lives up to that promise). He had a green screen suit, which was used in some scenes where he pulled Canon on a sled while he

was rapping. Canon will be moving along in the video and the green character will disappear through editing For a better explanation, ask Kwadjo. Lots

of people were taking pictures and filming their own iPhone videos.

Tina of Switchblade Filmz was behind the camera. She has done still camera

work for The Roots and Rob Zombie in the past.

I helped

the crew with some of the lighting and behind the scenes stuff. I wasn’t in the video…actually strike that, I was in a small portion of the filming on

Saturday night. As Bizarre would probably say, “Just 4 Yu” video…I was in the back! “So Find I” video…I was in the back!

no one deals like we do!

We were in Time Square from 7:30 AM to about 10:30 AM. Then, we switched the filming to Hoboken,

NJ, where we got to meet our main actress, Sol, who has been on CBS several times. We began filming some outdoor scenes, then over to Amanda’s Winery.

My favorite behind the scenes picture was taken at the winery. We then were taking a shot of the happy couple crossing the street. It was more like a

game of Frogger. After we broke for lunch, we got to meet the other actresses/models who would be with us for the pool hall scenes. I can’t play pool

worth shit. I think all the lovely ladies in the scene could beat me. Maybe even Sol…even though she missed the cue ball like five times.



Later, we hopped on a rooftop and

filmed up there for awhile. Climbing down the ladder back into the apartment complex hallway with a bunch of equipment was the hardest part. Nobody was

harmed in that process either. It started getting cold up there on the rooftop. By that time I had downed a Monster

Rehab Energy Drink, a couple cups of coffee, and a five hour energy shot.

Next, we filmed outside of this Chinese restaurant. We had

permits for everywhere else. This place was an exception. I think they were pissed off we kept going in and out of the restaurant for our scenes. In

fact, I wish my GOG Media LLC/Dreamland Productions LLC partner Ramon was in town. We filmed a block from his apartment in Hoboken. Before we headed to

the pier for the final scenes of Thursday, we were talking with a parrot. It said “Polly Want a Cracker”. I thought it said “Bible is a cracker”. In all

seriousness, I used to go to Petco as a high school kid and teach these birds how to cuss.

Last, but not least, we filmed the “lovebirds” at the

pier, right across from a breathtaking view of Manhattan. Around 11 PM, cold and hungry, we wrapped up day one. For more behind the scenes madness, stay

tuned! Enjoy the pics below!