Here’s a new Philly street banger just recorded this past Friday

night. The track is called “On. B-Dot Holla, a female rapper from Philly who has made some big moves across the city features Mek 46 Street, another

female rapper from Philly doing big things, and a rapper many of my readers know and love, Yun6 Canon. Everyone snaps on this catchy banger. Canon has

literally been everywhere these past few weeks. I don’t think I’ve heard a female/male hip hop combo this crazy since Ruff Ryders and Eve. Listen and take a look at the

video collage Yun6 Canon put together for the song below!

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Finally we’re seeing some Philly unity. Let’s have everyone stop hating on each other, and come together. The Philly hip-hop scene can be a force in

the industry like it was back in the early to mid 2000’s.