What’s up everybody? Sorry I have not been on here for a couple

days. I apologize sincerely. Some 40 year old virgins decided it was cool to hack into my computer right as I was switching into new virus scanning

equipment, leaving my computer open for bad things to come in. In fact my computer was penetrated by a trojan. If somebody really thinks they are going

mess with my cash flow, they have another thing coming! Go jerk off to your anime porn and leave the real go-getters to do the real work you’re jealous

of! Well, I’m a jack of many trades, but fixing computers is not one of them. So currently, I sent the computer to State College to get it fixed. I was

actually going to make a surprise appearance up there, but it looks like snow and ice for the next week practically on the way there, so that won’t

happen. Oh, by the way, you will see the Reverbnation widget below, playing Kings of Dreamland “So Find I”. I have a

little perk for you. Go to that site, make a free profile, become a fan and/or street team member of Kings of Dreamland, and we will send you a free

exclusive track. Email contact@mattbible.com with your email address so we can send you the track once you have made a profile and became a Kings of

Dreamland fan and/or street team member.


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