This song’s in my head like the Trojans they talk about in this song. I

caught myself singing this song by Atlas Genius in public yesterday, which I tend to do sometimes. I’m sure people have looked at me, like who the hell is guy talking to? Much like I did

when the Bluetooth came out. One time, I thought one of my classmates was talking to me. He said, “That test was bullshit!” I went up and said, “Hell yeah,

wasn’t it?”. He didn’t hear me, then he said something, followed by the word babe. I looked puzzled, and was thinking, I know he doesn’t like men. He

then later, said “My bad, I was talking to my girl”. I laughed, and then became intrigued with the Bluetooth. Anyways, I went way off topic there. “Trojans” has taken the radio by storm. It is catchy, and most people assume he’s singing about condoms, so let the parodies start coming. Trojans in

her….okay, you get the point. I don’t know, if you’re lucky enough, ask the band if you meet them. It could mean a Trojan horse, a Trojan computer

virus, or maybe something to do with the condoms (Side Note…My high school mascot was also a Trojan…and our mascot was a big condom…actually, we

never had a true “mascot” at our football games). It has to do with past relationships, however. That is the beauty of music. Words can be interpreted into

so many different situations. Sometimes when I write poetry, I have double and triple meanings to things. I decided to put the acoustic version up, since

most of you haven’t heard it yet.