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Nothing boosts the ego quite like holding a nice 60 pound weight in each hand and curling it with ease. Am I right or am I right? I guess only having 45

pounds in each hand and pumping out four sets of eight slow reps with my chest out is weak and all five girls that actually go to my gym will think of me

as inferior…okay, maybe not that low of a number, possibly seven, but you get my drift. I guess my succession of biceps, triceps, and shoulders right in

a row once a week utilizing what I’ve learned from the P90x DVD is not impressive enough since I’m not pushing super heavy weight.

I guess some

people are immune to back injuries you may suffer by not doing the exercise right.  Trust me, you do not want a back injury. I injured my back two years

ago, and even being in great shape, going to a chiropractor, and rehabbing it, I haven’t 100% recovered. I’m close, however. Anyways, you just have to

love all the big egos curling the 60 + pounds and swinging their back at the same time. It looks more like a dance routine than a workout.  I can’t dance,

and the Avenged Sevenfold

I had on yesterday is not the easiest music to practice my moves to. Trust me, if you keep dancing while curling, you will face a nightmare!. Maybe the people dancing and curling have Gangnam Style on. I don’t know…there has to be some reason for this phenomenon surfacing at almost every gym.

Nowhere in any reputable weight

lifting website, tutorial, or magazine do you see swinging and dancing as part of the curling routine. But, I am not certified yet, so I guess I don’t

know what I’m talking about, even though pound for pound, I am one of the strongest 155 pound men you will meet!  If you want to dance, take one of the

many Zumba classes offered at your gym.  Save the 60 pound dumbbells for those who can actually properly lift them…which isn’t me…yet!