Yes, I realize this song was made in 2006.  Some of my friends have

been listening to Anti-Flag for years, since we were in middle school.  I kind of casually listened to them, not really knowing much about their music or

the meanings behind the songs.  It takes me back to the punk rock shows I used to go to in high school.  Fast forward to now.  A couple weeks ago, a friend

of mine introduced me to Food, Inc., a documentary examining corporate farming and industrial meat production.  I already choose to live a healthy

lifestyle in what I eat and how I exercise.  However, this documentary made me sad and it pissed me off at the same time.  It highlighted several unethical

corporate giants that bullied small local and organic farmers straight out of business, in addition to treating animals inhumanely and treating workers

about as well as they would be treated in Chinese Sweatshops, except the pay is a little better.  While doing some research, I came across this song by Anti-Flag, called “The W.T.O. Kills

Farmers”, which

touches on a number of companies they are against, but they blast Monsanto several times.  Sound wise, I can compare them to Rise Against (for a band most

of you know).  The song urges people to take a stand against these companies who do not have your interests at heart and are just making a quick buck at

your expense and your health.

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The information I learned about

Monsanto really set me over the edge.  They run most of the corporate farms in this country, while planting genetically modified corn and soybeans, just to

name a few products.  Most of our cows eat this genetically modified corn, and most Americans eat beef.  See a pattern.  Obesity is up higher than ever,

kids are getting diabetes at alarming rates. Do you wonder why your Heinz Ketchup, your sodas, and your Wal-Mart bread are so cheap?  Well, it is the High

Fructose Corn Syrup derived from the genetically modified products of Monsanto. In fact, many “healthy” products are full of GMOs as well.  Most European

countries ban GMO products or at least have a label telling you your food is genetically modified.  We didn’t pass that in the USA…can’t hurt the

profits of these bullies!  Many Americans cannot afford non-GMO products.  Organic products of course cost way more.  I know we have to make sacrifices,

and it is a tough battle, but if people will get educated and stop supporting companies like Monsanto, then maybe things will change.  Oh, also, did you

know many types of BABY FORMULA are genetically modified?  You have to love the fact that millions of babies tonight will be drinking GMO’s from a bottle.

 What do the Monsanto big wig douchebags feed their kids while they are spreading their seeds over organic farmers’ crops, then suing them for “Patent


I know I will do my damnedest to not bring GMO products into my house and feed my future children these products.  Companies like

Monsanto can go to hell…I am determined to join the growing number of people fighting against corporations like them.  The FDA is a joke as well.  They

approve these genetically modified foods.  Do you really want to know what’s in your food?  Click here for a comprehensive list of foods with GMOs.  Pay attention to what Anti-Flag is

singing about.  This song has also had me check out a lot of their other work.  There is definitely a lot of music to look back on.  Plus, they are from