Well, well, well, looks like Luscious should be on Vh1’s Tough Love

and not on For the Love of Ray J. She’s a good looking girl, but she smashed homie…no further explanation of why that’s wrong is necessary. I

happened to catch a bit of the episode last night, flipping channels, actually had to watch what Snoop Dogg and Tom Green were

saying to the remaining females left. Now, this show does not beat Flavor of Love (A bunch of

girls vying for love, affection, and TV time from Flavor Flav), but this is a new classic moment in reality TV.

Whether you’re a musician trying to pick a good groupie to settle down with or

whichever profession you may choose, here’s a piece of advice I have. Listen below to the chorus of this song!

No report on this historic moment in reality TV was complete without a mattbible.com spin on it. Looks like Ray-J will not

be lining up Hallmark’s pockets with gifts for Luscious this Valentine’s Day. This love thing on TV does not seem to work. Maybe I should squash my

ideas for ‘Shot at Bibs’, haha.