The gym is part of my everyday life, whether it would be in Charlotte, or somewhere

on the road. It is my one place I can unwind, lose myself in the music, and relieve anything that could possibly stress me out. However, there are things

that even stress me out at the gym. Some make me laugh, while some are downright annoying and ridiculous.

1.) There’s always somebody who does not

wear deodorant. The whole gym reeks. The person seemingly does not care. How hard is it to take ten seconds out of your

routine to show a little courtesy towards your fellow members? I guess it may be a plus for them. Nobody’s getting in their way, and nobody asks them to

join in the set.

2.) People who workout right in front of the free weight rack. This is one thing that was a real problem at my old gym in

Pennsylvania. Somebody gets a set of weights, works out biceps, back, shoulders, etc, and they stand right in front of the damn free weight rack. In

return, they are blocking fellow members from accessing the 20’s, 25’s, 30’s, 70’s, 75’s, and 80’s all at the same time. Seriously, is it that hard to take

a few steps back?

3.) Waiting for cardio equipment while somebody is on the treadmill going 2 mph for a half hour. I seen some of the same people do

the same thing day in and day out for a whole year when I lived in Monaca. They did not lose one pound. In fact, they seemed fatter than before. News

flash, you can walk around at a faster pace walking outside than some people do on the treadmill. Or better yet, watch them grip the sides of the treadmill

as the oh so agonizing pain of little effort sets in. I’m not talking about the elderly or people recovery from an injury, I am referring to people who are

perfectly able to go maybe a bit faster. I would run outside if it wasn’t below freezing practically half the year up north. Maybe in Charlotte, I’ll be

able to run outside a bit more. At the same time, it is great to catch a football game and run on the treadmill at the same time as opposed to sitting around stuffing your face

with junk food while watching some of the world’s premiere athletes on TV.

Physical Addictions, Inc.

4.) Excessive grunting. This one makes me laugh. Ok, if you are benching 350

pounds, I’ll give you a pass on this one. When you are benching 135 for fifteen times, that is hardly a reason to grunt. Although, if you want to make me

laugh then by all means go forward and give it your best grunt. Sounds more like an overly hyped actor in a porno flick from my first roommate in college’s


5.) Some people tend to sweat a lot, and many of those people tend to not clean it off of their equipment. Now, I’m looked at as the crazy

one, when I sanitize the bench before I get on it. Charlotte only had a huge outbreak of Swine Flu not too long ago and it is only flu/cold season. If you

truly sat back and realized how many germs are out there in this world, you would be beyond disgusted.

Now, that I got these thoughts off of my

chest, it’s about that time to hit the gym, and hope none of these five things will happen today. Am I asking for too much?

To those who do not understand the whole germ concept, here’s a book that

may help!