I did not see the People’s Choice awards last night. I was on the

Kings of Dreamland grind. Plus I had the new episode of Man Vs. Wild on in the background. (Now you know one of my favorite shows!)
I’d like to give

my opinion about the results I read as far as some of the music winners go. Winners are in the bold.


* Keith

* Eminem
* Jason Mraz
* John Mayer
* Tim McGraw

All I know is my vote didn’t win this one.  Wait until that Relapse 2

hits the stores this year, the results may be different next year.


* Taylor Swift
* Beyonce

Britney Spears
* Carrie Underwood
* P!NK

This is a tough one, since there is a case for each of these ladies to win this one.  Taylor Swift

has the most crossover appeal out of the list.


* Lady Gaga
* Adam Lambert
* Demi

* Kris Allen
* Susan Boyle

I’m not surprised here.  The music world has been captivated by her antics this past year.  Nobody knows

what she is going to do next.  Damn, why are her songs so catchy.   I shouldn’t have Poker Face stuck in my head.  Susan Boyle…she has a huge fan base, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of 45 to 50 year old soccer moms voted in this


Favorite ROCK BAND

* Paramore
* Daughtry
* Green Day
* Kings of Leon
* Muse

Although Paramore is cool in my book, I personally voted for Green Day on this one. 

21st Century Breakdown was my favorite rock album last year.


* Run This Town
* Good Girls Go Bad
* I’m On a Boat
* Live Your Life
* Lucky

That’s a tough one, I like Run This Town, but I also liked Live Your

Life.  I’m on a Boat was hilarious.  Not wanting to take five minutes to choose what I wanted for a damn awards show, I put these songs on shuffle and Run

This Town came out on top, so my vote was Run This Town.


* Eminem
* Flo Rida
* Jay-Z
* Lil’ Wayne
* T.I.

Eminem definitely came back strong this year with some

great songs, including “Beautiful”, “3 AM”, “Stay Wide Awake”, his Mariah Carey diss song, Warning, and his Relapse: Refill bonus songs.  I like this list

though.  The winner could have been almost anyone on this list.  Flo Rida was all over pop radio.  Jay-z had a huge year with hit after hit.  Lil Wayne is

just everywhere, I’m not even bothering to count how many songs he did or was on.  T.I. was on a roll on the radio in the early part of the year, and had

a very positive TV show on MTV, Road to Redemption.